366 Days for Racial Justice - a Calendar Project

This is a 2004 calendar filled with information about events and people connected to the ongoing struggle for peace and human rights. It also contains dates of importance to a range of religious traditions, along with explanations of their meanings. It contains a wealth of information about local organizations and educational events geared toward undoing racism, and each page contains specific suggestions about ways to get involved in efforts to bring about social change. And much more... The calendar was written up in an excellent article in the Daily Hampshire Gazette (free registration is required to read it online.)

The calendar will be available by January 19th at several local locations for free, though a donation would be appreciated. If you download it from this website, a donation would also be appreciated, to the American Friends Service Committee, 140 Pine Street, Room 10, Florence MA 01062.

Though it lacks the high resolution and elegance of the printed version, you can get a view of the calendar here, either

as one large .pdf file (733KB), or

in smaller .pdf file chunks:

The Community Resource listing, which appears on the front and back covers of the calendar (and above in a .pdf file) is also available as a web page here.

There are several important sources referred to in the calendar:

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