LOCALLY PRODUCED documentary about OIL & war

SET for AREA premiere at aMHERST CINEMA





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For further information contact Scott Morris, Media Education Foundation, (413) 584-8500 ext. 2216 email: scott@mediaed.org or Michael Klare, email: mklare@hampshire.edu


October 8, 2008 – The powerful new documentary film Blood & Oil, a timely and eye-opening account of how America’s insatiable thirst for oil has directly influenced American military and foreign policy since World War II, will have its local premiere at Amherst Cinema on October 26.


Produced by the Media Education Foundation in Northampton, Blood and Oil is based on the work of renowned energy expert and Five College Professor Michael T. Klare, the defense correspondent for The Nation magazine and author of some thirteen books, including, most recently, Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet: The New Geopolitics of Energy. 


The documentary flies in the face of U.S. officials and mainstream pundits who have long downplayed oil as a satisfactory explanation for U.S. military interventions.  Drawing on Klare’s meticulous research, it unearths declassified documents and re-examines a number of influential presidential speeches, doctrines, and U.S. military actions to show how concerns about oil have been absolutely central to American foreign policy for more than 60 years, going back to FDR.


According to Klare, Blood and Oil looks back at this turbulent history, and at the ongoing war in Iraq, in order to confront the potentially catastrophic future of current U.S. policy. "As the movie shows,” Klare said, “a militarized energy policy is now being extended to other areas of the world on which the U.S. has become dependent for oil, including Africa and the Caspian Sea basin, site of Russia’s recent skirmish with neighboring Georgia, and this is significantly increasing the likelihood of more bloodshed over dwindling energy reserves.”


Distinguished scholar and former CIA analyst Chalmers Johnson, author of Blowback and The Sorrows of Empire, called the film “indispensable to an understanding of the critical problems we face.”  And Pentagon whistleblower Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski (ret.), who witnessed firsthand how the Bush Administration used deception to sell the war in Iraq, called it a “a must-see for current and older generations who served America's militaristic pursuit of oil -- and for their children who will soon be required to conduct a serious intervention at home to heal this nation's blood for oil compulsion.”


Professor Klare will be in attendance to discuss the film after its local premiere at Amherst Cinema.  The event will begin at 2 p.m.  Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at www.amherstcinema.org or at the door.