Please join us for this special event -


Join us and meet three inspiring pilgrims who are putting their feet where their faith is, spending more than a month trekking across New England to spark discussions at churches, peace centers, synagogues, mosques and colleges that are hosting them along the way. ~~~~~~~~~ 

Tuesday ~~ October 21~~7 PM

Traprock Center for Peace and Justice

24 Miles Street ~~~ Greenfield

Please join us at 6 for supper at Green Fields Market

Meet the Rev. Emmett Jarrett, 69, an Episcopalian priest from the Saint Francis House in New London, Conn., the Rev. Eric Swanfeldt, 76, a Methodist minister who lives and works with the United Methodist community in Uncasville, Conn., and Carolyn Cicciu, a layperson from Goffstown, N.H.  Their 43-day, 800-plus-mile pilgrimage is taking them through small towns and big cities from Connecticut to New Hampshire.

"We are committed to nonviolence, and of course peace means no war, but what we are also trying to do is have conversations with people about what peace means in their lives. The point is for us to get people talking about the hope they have for their lives and for the future."

All are welcome!

For information call Traprock at 413 - 773 - 7427